An interview with a Dermatologist, Dr Noëlle Sherber.


Soleil recently collaborated with the Dr Noëlle Sherber to bring to life the wonderful Perpetual Radiance. Dr. Sherber is considered an expert in skin manifestations and treatment of collagen disorders. Collagen is the key protein involved in the appearance of youthful and healthy skin, and Dr. Sherber has pioneered multiple studies investigating the biology of collagen synthesis and remodeling. Her expertise in collagen biology gives her a unique perspective on diseases of collagen, aging, and the most advanced treatments to restore collagen.

Does skincare start with sun care?

When beauty editors, friends, and patients ask me for the best anti-aging skincare secret, I always answer: sunscreen.  UV light causes damage to our DNA and collagen that can lead to skin cancer, along with wrinkles and sunspots, over time.  While many people think about sunscreen on a beach vacation, what you do every day in terms of sun protection makes as much of a cumulative impact as what you do every day in terms of exercise.  I often show patients a photo from The New England Journal of Medicine of a truck driver who had significant driver's side sun damage from daily exposure through the window. The best cleansers, exfoliants, serums, and moisturizers aren't going to give you great skin in the long term if you aren't consistent with sunscreen.

Why should SPF be part of everyone's skin regimen?
We can't control our genetics, in terms of risk factors for skin cancer or in terms of how our skin is prone to aging, but we can control environmental exposure and sunscreen is our best defense.  Even deeper skin tones that aren't susceptible to sunburn are susceptible to skin aging over time from the sun, and so daily sunscreen is something everyone should think about.  Not all sunscreens are created equal, and you should always look for a "broad spectrum" formulation to make sure that it meets the new FDA standards.  Recent studies have shown that many sunscreens on the market aren't performing to their labeled SPF, and this probably relates to variability in labs' testing standards.  This places a premium on sourcing your sunscreen from a company that holds itself to the highest standards.  The younger one starts with sun protection the better, so I recommend starting children with mineral sun protection (such as the Soleil SPF45 100% mineral spray) at 6 months old and using UV-protective clothing to shield their skin from sunburn.

What is your idea of the best daily skin care routine - morning and night? 
I customize my recommendations for each patient, but a balanced skin care regimen includes hydration, moisture, antioxidants, ingredients that stimulate collagen production, and sun protection.  I talk with patients every day and hear from them that it's challenging to rope off time to work all of these beneficial ingredients into their routine, so when I developed the ingredient list for Perpetual Radiance I wanted to have each of these categories represented... and 3 labs and nearly 3 years later, we have done it!  Your skin care routine should also change with the seasons and with your skin's needs, so a summer regimen might feature more water-based hydrating products rich in antioxidants, while a winter regimen might focus more on moisturizing oils and retinols.  Of course, sunscreen is a year-round essential and I recommend that you identify a board-certified dermatologist who can consult with you for an annual skin cancer screening and to determine what products best suit your skin.

Is SPF 15 or 20 sufficient?
As SPF ratings increase, the percent of UV rays blocked starts to show diminishing returns, so, while an SPF15 sunscreen blocks 93% of UV rays, SPF20 blocks 95%, SPF30 blocks nearly 97%, while SPF50 blocks about 98% of UV rays.  One of the most important factors in getting adequate UV protection is applying enough sunscreen.  Many people use formulations that they find thick or otherwise don't enjoy applying and therefore apply the product sparingly and get about 1/3 of the labelled protection.  I wanted this to be a unique serum-textured sunscreen so that it could be applied in sufficient quantities to get the 95% UV protection of an SPF20 while still making the skin look and feel great.  Sometimes dermatologists may recommend a higher SPF sunscreen on the assumption that a person will under-apply it, but a fluid formulation makes is easy to apply the recommended quantity and get the protection you need.

How often should we reapply SPF?
My reapplication recommendations for sunscreen depend on the setting, but shoppers should look to see that sunscreens comply with the new FDA labelling guidelines and give a specific time for water resistance: Perpetual Radiance is rated for 80 minutes of water resistance.  An advantage of daily sunscreen application is that sun protection accumulates in the skin so that it may offer additional protection if you miss a spot or get separated from your sunscreen and can't reapply, a study in which subjects applied mineral sunscreen 3 times a day for 5 days showed that they were then able to stay in the sun 2.5x longer than usual before burning without sunscreen, and this worked with chemical sunscreen to postpone sunburn time 1.5x.  I interpret this for my patients to mean that applying sunscreen daily to the face and exposed skin is best, and before a sunny vacation you can apply several times a day to build up some extra defenses against the sun. [link to study:]

How would you define Perpetual Radiance? Why is it unique in the marketplace?

This product is unique as a true multi-tasker that is 7 products in one: a 100% mineral sunscreen; a potent antioxidant serum featuring superoxide dismutase (the most powerful free radical scavenger made by our cells); a lightweight hydrator; a peptide-rich facial essence; a skin-smoothing makeup primer; a subtle skin luminizer; and a golden complexion perfecting tint.  This is the first 100% mineral sunscreen with this high-performance blend of science-backed ingredients and sheer non-chalky finish on the skin.  Every day I hear from patients reasons for which they don't like wearing sunscreen, or don't wear sunscreen, and I wanted to develop a product that would address these concerns and would be super easy to apply and reapply on the go.  This is the first 100% mineral sunscreen that has a truly second-skin texture, and as someone with very sensitive skin I developed this in part for myself and for all of my patients who were telling me for years that they wanted a sunscreen that was lightweight and beautiful, and that they could wear without their skin reacting!

Does Perpetual Radiance offer full coverage? Can it be used alone or do you need another sunscreen under it? 
Perpetual Radiance is a truly modern formulation that is invisibly perfecting.  I see through working with beauty editors and directly with my patients that people are more interested than ever before in taking great care of their skin, and are looking for skincare products that give them a perfected my-skin-but-better look.  This product is designed to be worn alone for those who want a one-and-done approach, or layered over serums and moisturizers, or under makeup as you wish.  The subtle tint not only make skin look more even, but it ensures that you won't miss a spot and will be fully sun protected.  Enrique Valentino, our makeup artist in residence at SHERBER+RAD, likes Perpetual Radiance as a primer under foundation for those who like fuller coverage and has been getting a great response to the smooth and softly glowing finish it provides under makeup, also.

Why did you chose to collaborate with Soleil Toujours over other brands? Why does ST stand out?
I first discovered the Soleil Toujours products several years ago when reviewing sunscreens for a Vogue article on repairing DNA damage after sunburn.  I was impressed by the quality of antioxidants in the formulations, since these ingredients enhance the body's ability to repair DNA after sun exposure, provide a second line of defense against DNA and collagen damage from UV light, and are only meaningfully effective if they are high quality.  I am always looking for top notch mineral sunscreens.  Mineral SPF can be the best choice for those with sensitivity or allergy to chemical sunscreen, after laser treatment, for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, for travellers who are concerned with coral reef safety, or for those with acne-prone skin (zinc is a classic anti-acne ingredient), but historically the challenge has been that the formulations have tended to be chalky.  Mineral sunscreens also have to be made very carefully so that the ingredients stay suspended evenly in order to coat the skin uniformly to give reliable protection.  When I eventually met Soleil's CEO, Val McMurray in New York, I saw is really committed to accomplishing something superior with her products.  She doesn't want to make "me-too" sunscreens that resemble others on the market, and I saw with her the opportunity to create something really unique that didn't exist in the sunscreen market.  Throughout the development process Val never wavered in her commitment for me to choose the highest quality ingredients, and we had to work through 3 different labs until we got the formulation just right, but we are both of the mind that if something's worth doing it's worth doing well. 
Why do you feel that SPF is not included in all skincare yet?
Formulating skincare products that include UV protection is much more time- and resource-intensive than formulating a non-sunscreen skincare product, because the FDA guides sunscreen testing and SPF-containing products have to pass many extra steps in research and development that non-sunscreen products do not.  In the U.S., sunscreen development is particularly complicated and the FDA has been slow to approve new active ingredients, but the Sunscreen Innovation Act was signed into law in November 2014 and this may make a positive impact on the process and help streamline the process for companies.

What are the most common skin/health problems that you see and what is the best way to avoid them?
Skin cancer will affect 1 in 5 people in the U.S., and so it is a major concern for us all.  While we can't control our genetics, we can try to protect ourselves from environmental exposure by consistency with daily sunscreen and incorporating high quality antioxidants into our sunscreens and skin care regimens since these defend the skin against UV damage.  As a dermatologist I also see a lot of patients coming in with skin irritation, and I attribute a lot of it to over-combining of products: people may layer on products from different brands that aren't designed to "play nicely" together and then end result is red and irritated skin or inflammatory breakouts.  One way to avoid skin irritation is to use multitasking products that contain multiple active ingredients in one, because the ingredients have already been designed and tested to work well together so you aren't taking a chance about how separate products with the same ingredients may interact in combination.

Why are mineral sunscreens important if you suffer from hyper/hypo- pigmentation or melasma?
Recent dermatology research has shown that even visible light contributes to uneven pigmentation in the skin such as melasma, so mineral-containing sunscreens are the best choice for this since they offer physical protection from light like wearing a teeshirt.  Emerging data are showing that indoor fluorescent lights can worsen pigmentation issues in some skin types, so physical sunscreens are becoming more in demand as protection against these types of light beyond UVA and UVB outdoor exposure.  For my melasma patients for whom pregnancy is the trigger, they have been so happy with this 100% mineral sunscreen formulation to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding since chemical sunscreens pass into the bloodstream and into breastmilk - I am so happy that, after years of research and development, we have brought this great product to market!
Soleil would like to thank Dr Sherber for helping us create such a beautiful product, which was made possible with her touch of genius. Perpetual Radiance is now available on our website, at Sherberandrad, and will soon be coming to Net-a-Porter globally.


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Signature Soleil Toujours Cabana Spa Treatments launch at the world’s only 7 Star resort, The Burj Al Arab.


The Burj Al Arab is not just a hotel, it is a centerpiece of Dubai. Boasting 202 bedroom suites and a ratio of 8 members of staff for one suite, you are sure to experience the very best of hospitality.  It took 3 years to reclaim the land from the sea in a feat of engineering never before seen. The building was designed to look like the sail of a dhow ship.  The hotel holds many events throughout the year, from tennis matches to supercar launches.  The helipad was once turned into a tennis court to host Andre Agassi and Roger Federer for a one off match between the two legends.

However the 305 meters in height, the artificial Island and helipads turning into tennis courts was just not enough for the tallest hotel in world.  The Burj decided to create a new tailor made Scandinavian deck fanning out into the Persian Gulf which would hold two swimming pools, 32 cabanas, 400 sun loungers and more.  The deck was constructed in a shipyard in Finland weighing over five thousand tons, and was was transported to Dubai via ship in six sections.  One of the pools is fresh water and the other is salt water, giving guests the luxury to choose from what type of water to swim in.  The team at the Jumeriah really know how to make hospitality their own. Soleil Toujours is proud to be partnering with The Burj Al Arab and will be offering three signature spa treatments at the pool-side cabanas to make the guests sunny experience all the more magnificent.


The first is a Soleil Toujours Environmental Defense Body Massage Treatment, a 55 Minutes long massage with our new mineral sunscreen SPF 30 lotion and our mineral SPF 20 face moisturiser (the client can at this point also chose to use our Detox and Restore Cleansing Oil) and finishing of with our Après Soleil Exotic body shimmer to leave your skin soothed and radiant.


The second is a Soleil Toujours Age-Defying Sculpting Facial with UV Damage Repair Protection, a 45 minute facial in which the client is a facial sculpting massage, is applied with cold stones, cleansed, and applied with our Anti-aging Power Serum and the Soleil Toujours 100% mineral Eye Glow SPF 15.

Third, a guest can end their day with the Soleil Toujours Après Soleil Body Cool, Soothe and Glow Treatment.  This 55 minute treatment encourages skin’s recovery from excessive sun first by calming stressed skin with the Soleil Toujours Organic Aloe Antioxidant Cooling Mist and cold stone therapy.  Followed by nourishing the skin with the Après Soleil Exotic Shimmer Oil, essential oil-infused dry body oil that rebalances sluggish cells, leaving skin hydrated, supple, re-energized and glowing with a hint of shimmer.

On an environmental note and in keeping with Soleil Toujours’ commitment to safeguarding the world’s coral, the new swimming pool’s structure provides much needed shade for sea life and has its very own reef that will help populate the waters whilst providing shelter for many exotic creatures.  So if you happen to  be passing through Dubai on business or for pleasure, make sure you swing by The Burj and indulge in the Soleil Toujours experience of a lifetime in the closest hotel to the sun.


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7 harmful ingredients to avoid in skincare products

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability when it comes to your skincare regimen. Your skin deserves the best ingredients on the market, at a price that won’t break your budget. Soleil Tujours offers today’s best skincare products, made with only the finest ingredients, including vitamins and minerals, to give your skin the healthy glow it deserves without the harmful side effects of harsh chemicals. Soleil Tujours is made from the safest, most sought-after organic ingredients. Not only does Soleil Tujours protect your skin from the damaging effects of the Sun, it also leaves your skin feeling healthier and more rejuvenated than ever. Each mineral-based product provides much-needed nutrients to your skin, improving its appearance and decreasing the appearance of damage with powerful anti-oxidants and anti-aging capabilities. We offer a number of skincare lines, including sun protection for face, body, and children. Each product is designed to provide thorough protection from UV and UVB rays without the annoying residue or greasy finish. You’ll get a flawless finish, full coverage, and excellent protection. For extra coverage, try any of our accessories. Buy our UV blocking hats, which block up to 98 percent of UV rays, protecting your face from the harsh light of the sun. Or, take a look at our daily moisturizer, body shimmer oil, or daily anti-aging power serum. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, feel free to contact us! Visit us online at or call us directly at 1-877-320-2381. We’ll be happy to give you the answers you need about our products and help get started on building your line of Soleil Toujours’ top-rated skincare products.
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How to Achieve Margot Robbie's Oscars Beauty Look in 5 Steps

(Image via @TomFord)

Margot Robbie left us speechless with last Sunday night’s Oscars Red Carpet gown. She let the gorgeous gold snakeskin embossed Tom Ford dress do all the talking while keeping her makeup minimal. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, her makeup artist Tyron Machhausen wanted Margot’s makeup to be light, fresh, and beachy. We think he achieved a perfect balance of sophisticated yet casual glam. Read below for our take on how you can achieve this look at home (trust us, it’s easy!):

1. Base

Apply Soleil Toujours Daily Anti-Aging Power Serum on clean skin by massaging gently over face and neck until it is all blended. After allowing the serum to settle in for a couple of minutes, apply a small amount of Soleil Toujours Broad Spectrum 100% Mineral Daily Moisturizer SPF 20 (a little goes a long way!) and blend well.

2. Complexion

For a sun kissed look similar to Margot’s, choose a foundation with a little shimmer that will be both lightweight and radiant. We recommend: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab (or your closest color match) - it’s a great balance for peachy, golden undertones. Apply foundation with a brush or blender for a flawless finish. Allow to set.

3. Bronze

Margot’s look wouldn’t have that beachy, California feel without a little bronze shimmer. The Soleil choice is The Multiple by NARS in Na’Pali Coast - a shade that is complementary for many skin tones. We chose The Multiple for its creamy base and true versatility - you can use it on your cheeks, eyelids, lips; wherever you want to highlight. Apply with fingers for control and easy blending.

4. Eyes

With Margot’s Oscars look, the focus is on her dress so it is key to keep the eye makeup light. We recommend: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Heather Steel. Heather Steel is a subtle brown grey with a little shimmer and makes for a perfect toned down smoky eye that can easily transition from day to night. This eye shadow is easy to control, will last you all day, and it’s waterproof! Apply mascara to complete the look. We love Le Volume de Chanel Mascara for its intense volume, lengthening effects, and ability to grab every lash for fullness and smooth application.

5. Lips

On Margot's lips, Machhausen used a Laura Mercier lipstick to tie the whole look together. Laura Mercier's lipstick formulas are long-lasting, apply smooth, and do not dry out your lips. For Soleil's recreation, we pick Crème Smooth Lip Color in Spiced Rose to complete the look. 



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How to Get Supermodel Skin: An Interview with Ildi Pekar

(Image via @mirandakerr)


What secret beauty weapon do top supermodels Miranda Kerr, Irina Shayk, and Lindsay Ellingson all have in common? Skincare specialist Ildi Pekar. Idli has been one of New York City's most sought after estheticians for years because of her breadth of skincare knowledge and anti-aging expertise. 

Glowing supermodel skin is not hard to achieve when you have Ildi on your side. Ildi has honed her extensive skills in both her native country of Hungary and the United States to bring her clients the most effective skincare techniques. At Ildi's salon you can expect a thorough, knowledgeable, and personalized experience to put your best face forward. Read below for an in-depth interview with Ildi Pekar for expert skincare tips and insights. 


What inspired you to be an esthetician?

I was exposed and taught about beauty and incorporating that with well being since I was young. Growing up in Hungary, we had beautiful thermal waters and baths; it was just so natural to be ‘natural’. Back then in Hungary, we didn't have the technology we do today to provide extensive beauty treatments. We were exposed to flowers, herbs, and thermal waters for healing our skin and body inside and out.

Becoming an esthetician was more than providing beauty treatments. It was an opportunity for me to teach and heal those I come across about incorporating natural + wellness together; an opportunity I had to seize.

As someone who has been educated in skincare practices in Europe, what would you say are the biggest differences in American skincare?

When I first came to this country, I realized that getting facials was not in everyone’s beauty routine. Everyone opted to buy a product or cream that would “fix” the problem. With very little education, they were actually causing their condition to be worse for their skin in the future. You can heal your skin and prevent a lot of damage from occurring in the future by receiving monthly facials. Most people wait until they have the problem to treat it, when they should just take the basic steps in caring for it to prevent it. Getting facials regularly can help maintain young beautiful skin overtime.

In Europe, beauty isn't commercialized the same way it is in America. It is part of the European culture to take the time to care for yourself inside and out where as here, we are pressured to have lifestyles that can be tougher on the body.

What do you recommend to your clients as the best anti-aging skincare practices to commit to every day?

I can’t express enough the importance of going to bed with clean skin. Moisturizing/balancing your skin is also very crucial in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Protecting your skin is so important, I recommend using SPF every time you expose yourself to the sun.

We agree - it’s so important that people understand the importance of sun protection all year round! How do you practice proper suncare for yourself?

In the winter, I would recommend using SPF 15. If I am going to spend more time outside, I would always keep re-applying. In the summer, I use SPF 30 for extra strength on the skin since the sun can be more harsh.

What do you look for in a sunscreen?

I look for clean ingredients. Something light and also lightly scented to avoid clogging my pores and breaking out.

What is your personal skincare routine? How do you change it for the seasons?

At night, I use a I PEKAR Gentle Cleanser and exfoliate once or twice a week following up with my I PEKAR Moisturizer. In the morning I tone with thermal water; I believe in leaving your natural oils on your skin. I apply eye cream, moisturizer, and sunblock. Once a week I mini-facial with a relaxing mask keeping my skin routine simple yet effective.

What are your signature treatments and client favorites?

Hard to choose! Everything we do here is customized and tailored to every clients needs as our main focus is for them to see the results they are looking for. I would say our top selling treatments would be: Lift Facial, Deep Cleansing Facial, Stem Cell Facial and LED Light Therapy.

What do you think is the next skincare trend for 2016-2017?

People are FINALLY becoming aware of what they are putting onto their skin. Natural/organic is definitely trending right now and I do hope it is here to stay. The next skin care trend I see becoming big is “fixing from within” coming out with treatments and products that start healing from the root of the problem.

Finally - in the spirit of the Valentine’s Day holiday - how do you treat yourself and those close to you with love?

I’m a big believer in LOVE! I enjoy the simplest moments with my friends and family just enjoying each other and laughing. We are always learning and growing and it is truly an extraordinary experience every time.

Get in touch with Ildi Pekar:

Ildi Pekar
315 Madison Avenue, Suite 2600
New York, NY 10017


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